LNS Tree Service

Our story

When we say we are a family we don’t only mean it because we 3 brothers started this tree service company, but also because that’s just the LNS way of working. We train together and we take care of each other when doing risky trees and palm trimmings or removals. Our crew members are highly skilled climbers and know how to get their job done safely. When we started we were only 3  and now we are 8 members in this LNS Family.

Our Mission

We understand the importance of trees on our planet and have learned to respect its boundaries, but also we understand the need for us to create environments where people can live joyfully and happily.  And this is our real reason, to create safe spaces for property owners to enjoy their surroundings and workplaces.

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Why Choose Us

we are fast

The speed at work can only come when high skills are second nature. out team members take rigorous training before going on the field.

we are safe

The risky nature of our business has to get done safely for our members, homeowners or people and cars passing by, We take all this into account.

We are experts

our constant training and certifications took us to new levels, we are proud to say people search for us when it comes to quality tree removing, stump removal or palm trimming work


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